Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

You are driving a high-performance car, and the police and crime lords are shooting your car to get the briefcase, doesn’t that sound familiar to you?

GTA Vice City is the most famous and widely played video game that has helped the streamers to get an amazing gaming experience. This game has revolutionized the industry of gaming, and millions of gamers and streamers have shifted their interest towards this game.

The GTA vice city a is available on all major gaming platforms like Android, iOS, PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The GTA Vice City apk is also available for the users who want to run this game on their smartphones.

GTA Vice City Introduction

This game was published and developed by Rockstar, and it gained a lot of attention right after the 1strelease. The amazing premises of the game features the main character named Tommy Vercetti, who is moving around Liberty City. He got no money and merchandise, so he went to his boss Sonny Forelli.


The boss sends him to different gangs, including corrupt politicians, for close encounters.Tommy has access to all the latest weaponry and other gears that help him to get into the war with these crime lords.

He has to get into the action with Cuban gangster and biker gang to get back the expensive cars and bikes. Tommy has to go with the gang members to make a deal with the rivals. GTA Vice city promises nonstop action that keeps on increasing after each mission.

Features of GTA vice city

Latest weapons

GTA Vice city features the latest military graded weapons that can be purchased from the armoury shops. Each task ensures close encounters so you will need these weapons and other essential gears to complete the assigned jobs. After each mission, you will get a fixed amount of money, and you can use it for purchasing the weaponry.

The short guns, pistols, automatic rifles, grenades, and flares are available at the weapon shops. You can also take the weapons of your enemy after the shootout.

Amazing Graphics

The beautiful and bright colors are of the main features of GTA vice city. You will feel like being a part of this world where everyone looks real. The visual representation and graphics are so natural that the excitement level reaches a new height when police cars start chasing you.

These graphics have contributed to making it one of the most famous video game with millions of fans who play this game regularly.

Exciting missions

As soon as you start the game, you enter into the world of exciting and nonstop missions that never let you feel bored. Each mission involves a challenging task like killing a crime lord or flying a chopper over the city.


These missions also involve winning the car race, chasing the pizza delivery boy, stealing a bike, assisting your crime partner, destroying a car or riding a boat. Each mission also helps you get a lot of money which you can use to purchase the buildings and mansions.

Bigger City

This game starts in Liberty City, where you can have complete access to everything. You can get any of the cars to roam around the city, and the map is so huge that it takes several hours to get a complete round of the city.

The city’s map appears on the screen which you can use for reaching a specific place. The main points of the city are marked with some symbols so you can travel to these places conveniently. The city has its own airport, beach, restaurants, golf course, downtown, and police stations.

Radio stations

Rockstar has developed this game with an amazing music collection. The 80’s style classy music of GTA Vice city allows the player to drive their cars while listening to their favourite radio stations. The different radio stations include Flash, Espantoso, Wave 103, Wildstyle Pirate Radio, Fever 105, V-Rock and Emotion 98.3.

Better loading times

The faster loading times of a game offer a better gaming experience. GTA vice city ensures fewer slowdowns that can help you get a real feeling while the police chase. Each mission looks more exciting when everything is changing in real-time.


Is GTA Vice City apk available?
Yes, the GTA vice city apk is available for download for free.

What are the requirements for GTA vice city?
There are no specific requirements. You can have a RAM of 128 MB and storage space for the game.

Is GTA Vice city free?
Yes GTA Vice city free download is available for everyone.

What is GTA available on?
This game is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Android and iOS.


GTA vice city ensures nonstop action, adventure and entertainment. There are tons of things and tasks to do, and it is full of surprises. The users who like action-packed games, high racing cars, exciting missions, and challenging tasks GTA vice city is the perfect game for you.

You can fly the helicopter around the city or drive the high-performance cars and boats to get a sensational feeling.Let us know if you want to ask something about GTA vice city in the comment section.

Download GTA Vice City for Android, iOS, PC

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