Creative Build Ideas In Minecraft For You To Try

This game has become extremely familiar with gamers all around the world. This sandbox video game was officially released on 18 November 2011 across every platform. This game has made a worldwide phenomenon and became the best-selling video game of all time.

The Minecraft world is open for you to follow your imagination since it doesn’t have a specific goal for the players to play and allows the players to freely choose how to play. You can do many things like killing the mobs, finding the natural resources to craft certain blocks and items. But once you have done them all, you will get bored with the game. Do not quit the game just yet, because it is the time to let your imagination guide you to build anything you want and create your own world.



Buiding computer inside of computer? Yes, you can build a computer in Minecraft using redstone and redstone components. The magical crimson dust and its related interactives allow users to construct basic electrical circuits in-game. What you need to do is combine these circuits with sensors and input devices, which lets them create doors that open automatically, lights that turn on by themselves when the sun goes down, and so much more other useful gadgets. This is one of the coolest things that you can build in the game. Some people have tried and succeed, so why don’t you just try to build one for yourself?



Another electronic device that you can build in Minecraft is a TV. One tip that might be useful is to use levels on the top of your TV to make it look like antennas. Pay attention to detail is pretty important. And remember that you can make all kinds of complex and cool designs for your TV. Any design can come to life, the only thing that ties you down is your imagination.

Roller Coaster

This can be a very time-consuming project but the result is definitely worth it. You may spend hours, days, or even weeks to build it, depending on how many details you want to put into it. You can make it short, you can make it long, you can take it through lots of other awesome places of yours. Make it as crazy as you want. The possibilities are endless. And the best part is after you finished it, you can invite or even force your friends to ride this masterpiece. Such a great way to connect with your friends and show them how good you are at building things.

Ferris Wheel

Not a fan of scary roller coasters? How about a ferris wheel? It can take you to the highest point up in the sky to contemplate your world. Make it as colorful as you want, there are no rules about how a ferris wheel should look like. This one will add diversity and color to your building collection. The ferris wheel can be made of wood, or you can be creative with other materials like netherrack or iron bars. The size of it is totally up to you. But make sure you use a circle generator to get an accurate shape because obviously, you do not want to have a distorted ferris wheel.

Famous Architectures

Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben. Just a few in hundred of the famous architectures from all around the world for you to be inspired and build a version of your own. It is hard to find a better way for you to express your love for architecture than this. Use them or some other buildings that you have seen in real life as the references and create your wonderful worlds. But they will be challenging projects to build on survival Minecraft, so you might want to try something a little bit less of details, or just make the mini version of them.



If you are a book lover then you will want to consider this idea. You can create a small one inside your house or you can go big and build a whole building dedicated to your favorite books. Make it as big and extreme as possible by decorating it with luxurious red carpets, candles, glass, anything you can think of. To adding to the fun, use pistons to make some mysterious hidden corridors and chambers behind the bookcases.

Pirate Ship

This impressive build will make your friends jealous when they visit your world. A large ship like this is not easy to build, but it will elevate your talent even more. Try to create this by using different shades of wood such as lighter shade where the light hits and darker shade where the ship meets the water. This will add more dimensions to your creation, make it ten times better than it already is. As have been mention before, in designing, pay attention to detail is a must because it shows how much effort you put into your work and how much it means to you.

Sky Fortress

Dominate the sea is not enough for you? Try to own the sky by making a sky fortress. You may have been built a fortress before as a kid, but it was made from pillows. Now you can create a much better one in Minecraft. First, build a tower with ladders up to the height you want the sky fortress to be. Although it is not mandatory, but if you want to maintain your building aesthetic, make sure to match the tower to your fortress by using the same construction materials. In the survival mode, this is the only way to get to your fortress but in the creative mode, on the other hand, ladders are not essential.


Now you understand why Minecraft became one of the most popular games out there. The thing that keeps the game interesting is the possibility to create. You can basically build anything you want, everything that is in your mind can be brought into life. And that the reason why people keep coming back to Minecraft.

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