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Find the Imposter: Among Us

Among Us is a wonderful game filled with excitement and suspense. Enter the team of a spacecraft as they fly across time. And find a deadly gunman managed to sneak on board, attempting to kill the entire crew!

All of the action in Among Us is carried out on a spacecraft consisting of various components. Begin a new match-either against a computer or online and you will be given the responsibility of either a squad member or Imposter, which would be kept confidential from other participants.

Since you’re an imposter, the aim is to kill the whole team by creeping up and pressing the kill button. And if you’re a member of the group, you’re going to find out the imposter and stop him from killing your crew members.

Join millions of players

Nobody will ever notice when you shout in a vacuum. Throughout the situation of Among Us, you are trapped in a rut with your team members, and therefore you must either evacuate from a decaying space shuttle or return it to regular service.


That being said, someone of you is different from the others. And the others will like to repair the platform as soon as possible; the Imposter among you has one desire: murder anyone who is trying to restore control. The only method to get the Impostor down is by nominating him. Is the team going to vote for the murderer or someone who has been honest this whole time?

Among Us takes inspiration from action games, including the Division’s Dark Zone and the Winter Project, in which you and a community of individuals must collect resources and complete targets, even though one of you aims to kill them all. This is the principle of Among Us: collaborate together while struggling to figure out the fraudster.

If there are no mates or family members available to play this game with you, this game can be started and joined with thousands of databases where players try to either support or destroy other competitors—only lookout for the other participants who fail to communicate in English.

Easy controls with strict cooperation

You don’t have to think about the keys because you can just choose the radial scrolling pad or the touch feature and tap on that. You will now have the opportunity to reach out if you assume a community impostor and speak to everybody else. You and others would have to patch controls and machines in the game and find valuable keys and items.

Each fix involves mini-games like attaching the same painted wires and entering codes. Still, you have to practice it because you’re alert when one of you just pretends to support but (practically) stabs you in the back. Could your teammates achieve the milestones on schedule, or will you slip into the paws of a supernatural killer?

Unique premise of the game

Due to the free-to-play format, several teams know that it’s a fun experience that has never featured the traditional audience before. Thousands and thousands of games played a day. It’s a perfect time waster for mates as well as a lot of humorous (and even frightening) experiences. Clear graphic design and atmospheric audio, however, bring up the overall fantastic gameplay experience. Easy and immersive; ideal for a mystery survivor match like Among Us.

A communication zone with all the participants exists, where they would debate who they think the interloper is centered about what they saw during the match, and have a vote. Members will also connect with certain items in the ship’s room throughout the match.

Discussion time in Among Us

Conversations are going to take place when a corpse is discovered or when an emergency session is requested. Members have an opportunity to protect themselves from other team members. Although it’s easy to vote off the first individual you accuse, you can gather proof of where everybody is.


When you’re a member of the crew, find out where the corpse was found and who found it. What was the job in that location? Are they claiming that they are innocent? Imposters should also take notice and join. If someone’s coming too near to the facts, give them the main goal.

Among Us Beta for PC players

The two main compelling gaming tools in the Among Us Beta would help Impostors boost their winning odds. The first strategy is for participants to cover up a taskbar. Usually, the taskbar is still accessible and will offer visual evidence that crew members are performing jobs. This was a fantastic way for crew members to spot traitors feigning a job since they could patiently wait and observe if the taskbar will change while a fraudster appeared to operate.

The host lobby would be free to consider whenever the taskbar should be accessible by adjusting the parameters. Instead of being constantly on, now it can be shown either during conferences or just not. This would introduce a level of challenge for crewmates struggling to complete all the assignments and succeed and make it possible for pretenders to fib more honestly about feigning activities.

The most important aspect of the Among Us Beta is probably the Color Blind Functionality for the Repair Wired Basic Job. Participants have to fit the color of the cables. This could be particularly challenging for color-blind athletes since it is likely that they may only see different shades and fail to complete the mission. For functionality, the Beta adds icons at the edge of the related wires. This is a much-required function, and it will be a wonderful addition to the game until the updates roll out.

How to Play Among Us?

Among Us helps you enter and host the games and provides several customizable features. It may look confusing initially, because if it’s the first time or when you’re always sorting out how something functions, use the suggested adjustments throughout the game. After you have held about how the game is played, start using certain configurations to mix it up.

If you are a crew member

  • Be an involved member — no one ever loves a participant who becomes an AFK or who makes the entire game boring. Try to ensure you’re being noticed going across the map and focusing on projects. When other participants notice you running, they’re far less prone to trust you’re an imposter.
  • In conversations, ensure you remember where you have been, what you’ve been doing, and, if appropriate; ensure you get a mission that you are using to confirm your identity.
  • Friend up — If you like a team member, try to be friendly with him. This could be particularly useful if you complete a mission in the map section that is vulnerable to killings, such as the Electric Room.
  • Has your work done — if you’re miserable enough to be destroyed by a fraudster, you will always support your squad win by finishing your assignments as a ghost? But you’re not going to be allowed to deter any sabotage.

If you are an imposter

If you’re fortunate enough to be an Imposter, here are few strategies to remain a few steps ahead of any skilled sleuth.

  • Integrate with — the secret to remain alive and escape capture as an Imposter is to stay blended. Remember not to wander aimlessly but calmly when you pass from project to project. You’re trying to fake them, so follow your lead into consideration. Seeing other players lets you develop an accomplice.
  • Make a fast exit — getting a kill is one subject; however, you would not want to be left alone with the corpse. Use the ventilation to make a short exit to prevent being spotted by certain team members.
  • Kill the members accordingly — sometimes, you might eliminate the entire crew without raising a finger. Fakers can damage some parts of the cabin, such as the O2 space or the Reactor, which can automatically take out the entire crew if they do not repair the issue soon enough.
  • The Imposter may even close the doors, which could help prevent the straggler from running away. Fakers will even resume sabotaging doors, even though they have been captured and expelled by the team.

Is Among Us safe for children?

The game centers on the detection of the Impostor and killing members of the crew on a spacecraft. When a character is murdered, an environmental sample occurs that displays an adorable spacer hitting the other person. These graphics might lack violent scenes; however, that doesn’t end up making them less shocking, particularly for younger viewers. Apart from graphic violence, however, there is another factor that parents must be mindful of.

With any match that provides access to the internet, there seems to be a risk for younger players to be subjected to puerile words or actions in a conversation room that certain parents may find reasonably disturbing. The gameplay’s anime-style sounds like it’s appropriate for every generation, but it’s targeted specifically at teenagers. Among Us can be compromised to bring advertisements and spam to communication lobbies, as well, and senior players may or may not be informed of much younger players and use words that others may consider in approximate.

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