Description of Fortnite:

It is time to play one of the most epic action-packed battle royale game of the year, Fortnite. Jump out of the flying bus into a fierce brawl amongst 99 other opponents. Build enormous forts and massive ramps to give you an edge over your rivals.

Remember, only the last player/team standing will become victorious. Are you ready to eliminate all enemies to achieve the #1 Victory Royale?

Download Fortnite on Android/PC/iOS if you’re up for the challenge!

Features of the game:

    • Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter game played on a small island amongst 100 players.
    • Before engaging in a battle, the players have to find hidden weapons including pistols, rifles, shotguns and even rocket launchers.
    • Players can also collect resources such as wood, brick or metal. These resources allow you to build platforms to hide or defend yourself.


  • During the match, the playable area of the map is continuously reduced. This forces the participants to play closer to each other.
  • Be the last man standing and win the game by defeating all your opponents.
    People die in fun ways – like falling from a tall structure.

Fortnite Game Modes:

There is something for everyone in Fortnite due to its exciting game modes. The four main game modes include: Battle Royale, Creative, Party Royale and Save the World.

Features of Battle Royale:

  • Jump off the battle bus to the island below and fight it out to become the last player remaining.
  • You can also team up with your friends to outlive other teams.
  • Use wood, brick or metal to hide or build high structures.
  • You can expect special new items including weapons, vehicles, sub modes and special events from Fortnite battle royale.
  • With every new season, there is a new theme to the island which means you can never get tired of exploring.

Features of Creative:

  • Fortnite creative lets you be in charge of your own island. You can create your own games, rules and can even invite your friends.
  • You can use tools to design simple or complex games. Everything is up to you.
  • If you don’t feel like creating, you can play games at your friend’s island.
  • Apart from making games, you can create your own scenery.
  • Test your creativity with all the design tools available in this mode. Decorate your island however you like and enjoy it with your buddies.

Features of Party Royale:

  • Party Royale is a mode inside the Battle Royale.
  • In this mode, there is no need to battle. Sit back and chill with your online friends.
  • It includes boat racing, obstacle courses and movies.
  • Not just that, you can even attend live concerts from top artists in the world.

Features of Save the World:

  • Save the world is story driven player vs environment (PvE) campaign.
  • Here you can team up with other players to battle against monsters in a vast destructible world.
  • The monsters, knows as “Husks”, can be defeated by finding weapons, gathering loot and by building forts with traps.

Are the modes in Fortnite free?

Save the World is available on consoles and PC and can be accessed by purchasing a Save the World Pack. Whereas other three modes including Battle Royale, Party Royale and Creative are free to download and play on all devices. So why are you missing out?


Download Fortnite on Android/PC/iOS right away.

Playground mode:

Scared of getting killed at the start of the game? Well worry no more because Fortnite has introduced a practice mode called “Playground” for beginners. This mode allows Fortnite Battle Royale players to practice their building, aiming and shooting. You can test new strategies or any other game mechanics for as long as you like. You don’t have to bother about getting eliminated either.


Fortnite has one of the best graphics in the world. The game has perfectly developed pixels which provide clean and crisp visuals, making the gameplay EPIC. It can run up to 240 fps which provides the BEST gameplay experience. Everything is clearly defined which enables smoother aim and sharper clarity for locating your opponent.

You can achieve better results if you adjust the profile based on your own specifications. The game allows you to make changes in the display, graphics and even graphics quality by going to the settings. You can also increase/decrease resolution and framerate based on your device’s performance.

Fortnite also allows players to have a personality of their own. You can customize your characters from a variety of skins, launch pads and other accessories. You can also get different emotes and dance your way towards victory.

Winning Battle Royale-Strategy:

Eager to win your first Battle Royale? Well you can do that in quite a few ways! Two of the most well trusted and tested techniques include going completely on the offence or laying low and letting other fight it out.

When going on the offence, be sure to dive to a part of the island that always has the most loot. Beware! Others might be doing the same so there might be a lot of opponents around you! Only opt for this strategy if you love confronting enemies.

When lying low, be sure to land on the outskirts of the island and slowly make your way in towards the middle of the map as dictated by the zone. Collect your loot on your way, stay crouched, and move behind buildings and trees to avoid enemies! Keep at it until the final enemy/team is left and try and jump them from higher ground or from behind. Voila! You have done it.

Test these strategies out now and see what best suits you! Download Fortnite on your PC/Console/Android/IOS devise today! Teams of two can be made to play duos with your friend or a squad of 3 can be made to play with two of your friends!

Fortnite Free Download

Can it get any better than this? Don’t miss out this opportunity and download Fortnite on Android/PC/iOS right now.

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